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Nov. 22: New Light Tech Book Project Announcement

With this post, I am announcing to the public, that I, Anita S. Katzenbach, have been working on my first book project to introduce "What is Light Tech" to a larger audience. Some of the topics covered will include the history of Light Tech, Light Tech pioneers, the drivers for the Light Tech movement and how it is aligned with the Quantum movement, the difference between Light Tech and Transformative Tech, Light Tech vs. AI infused Tech, the science behind Light Tech, and so much more. In addition, this book will include a section written in the form of a Playbook to be used as a blueprint for the New Earth, bringing in a benevolent, bright and organically evolving future that is designed to support all life on our planet, including our planet Gaia/Terra as well. Once the book is published, I will be able to discuss the content of my book in our upcoming Light Tech Think Tanks and initiate New*Earth*Brave*Hearts*4*All gatherings to put these ideas into practice.


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