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Future Readiness for Organizations


Learn more about our Future Readiness service offerings for early-stage ventures, start-ups, small businesses, and non-profit organizations:


  • Conscious Business Model & QBL

  • 360 Strategy Shift

  • Process Improvement

  • "White Ocean" or "Blue Ocean" Strategy?

  • Future Readiness Workshops & Webinars

  • Collaborate with Us

Business Meeting

Conscious Business Model & QBL

A conscious business model and its alignment with the business strategy is key to meet the conscious business criteria based on the principles of the Conscious Business Declaration: A new standard for business in the 21st century.

To build a conscious business from the beginning, we can help you write your business plan, design or revise your business model, and integrate the quadruple bottom-line (QBL) performance standards for sustainable business success into your product portfolio. An optimized quadruple bottom-line (QBL) portfolio will meet performance objectives that are grounded in economic, social, environmental, and spiritual values.

The Wall of Ideas

360 Strategy Shift

At KI, we have created our proprietary 360 strategy shift methodology based on the SWOT analysis. We have tested this successfully in our work with early-stage ventures, start-ups, and small businesses. Using this methodology will give you the data and the clarity how to build a solid business strategy based on the analysis of your direct, indirect, and non-related "competitors". You will be able to identify strategic best-practices, exploit your company's strengths, reduce or mitigate weaknesses, prepare for market threats, and focus on growth opportunities.

Brand Strategy

Process Improvement

Do you have process standards and documentation in place to track and improve efficiencies and internal service quality across departments and/or functional units in your organization? We have worked with clients in various capacities to map and improve their business processes such as service delivery. In addition, we have developed a proprietary process mapping and process improvement methodology and successfully applied it for a corporate client by implementing an operational readiness process and playbook (standard process blueprints) for their new technology product launches post pilot phase.

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White Ocean or Blue Ocean Strategy for Innovation & Growth?

Is it possible for your business to enter uncontested market space and make competition irrelevant? Could you be a pioneer leading the way for others to break through traditional market limitations, the so-called "red ocean"? Applying the "blue ocean" strategy & process or even entering the 'white ocean" space, will allow your business to expand into uncharted territory, new market/s with little to no competition and pricing pressure. We can help you discover more growth opportunities based on product innovation beyond the "red ocean". We have helped clients navigate their product development journey from pure ideation to designing their product development strategy & roadmap and sketching out the minimum viable product/actual built for their pilot product launches.

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Future Readiness Workshops & Webinars

Contact us for a free consultation if you would like find out how we can help you improve your "Future Readiness". We would love to work with you and design, co-create or facilitate custom-built Future Readiness workshops, webinars, or other events based on your business needs.

Working Together

Collaborate with Us

Contact us if you are feeling your heart’s call to create a brighter future as a visionary, a consultant, a builder/creator, an entrepreneur or investor. In addition, you might also be a starseed and/or lightworker dedicated to raising the collective consciousness on our planet and building the one organic New Earth. We would love to talk to you and explore areas of collaboration...

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