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Hardware and software technologies engineering in Light and Sound Vibration together for the raising of frequencies.


Tangible products built on math through sacred geometry, the construction of magnetics and engineering of innovative models and tools, in particular for 5D.


This includes apps and software or with Light and Sound Vibration as the formal engineering, including 528 Hz meditations and energetic components.


Apps that also apply the information based on information being channeled by someone from a higher source application of the energy are within this category.


Light Tech is the building of energetic based technology in all formats, utilizing light and sound vibration engineering and built in Quantum Physics and Physics, based on the principles of Tesla and Einstein. The goal is to raise the vibration and frequency of individuals to higher states of consciousness and to promote health and wellbeing for humanity, our planet Gaia, and all of creation.

Light Tech

There is a growing number of people reaching higher stages of consciousness ("waking up") on this planet. They realize that their actions matter and that they are part of something bigger than them. These individuals have a conscious mission to be of service, to focus on unity and less on separation, to increase light and love, to heal themselves and others, to create benevolent technologies, and thus raise the collective consciousness and vibration in this world.

Many of these so-called “lightworkers” and/or “starseeds” are devoted to protect and improve the living conditions for our planet ("Gaia"), for humanity, and for all of creations. Some create tech businesses and develop what we call “Light Tech” products representing lightworker and/or starseed technologies.


Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology (OST) is a facilitation method for hosting conferences, retreats, and community summit events for a variety of topics emerging from an open market place created by the attendants. We have facilitated OST events with large groups of people. We have also jointly incubated new product ideas, outside-the-box strategies, and hands-on recommendations for implementation. Our goal is to support and engage especially conscious businesses to discover how they can launch and evolve, for example, new emerging (Light) technologies that are changing the landscape of our future.

Office Conference

New Tech Launch Readiness

We love helping our clients develop and launch their products and services that focus on creating a brighter future and make our planet a better place to live. Our team has in-depth experience in bringing new products to market, in particular for those who love thinking and creating outside and or even beyond the box. For break-through results, we recommend that we work with you on your New Tech Launch Readiness after you have experienced one of our Open Space Technology events or as a follow-up to our custom-built Purple Sky Strategy (Beyond Blue Ocean Market) workshops.


White Ocean Plus: Beyond Blue Ocean Markets

How to move organizations out of a very competitive "red ocean" market into a so called "blue ocean" market has been introduced to the public with the groundbreaking body of work by C. Kim and R. Mauborgne. This has enabled business leaders and key decision makers look at how "business as usual" is being done from an expanded business perspective. However, "blue ocean" born products will move into a "red ocean" environment once others follow suit by launching their "me-too" products. The paradigm of the "blue-red" ocean implies a perpetual closed-loop market movement - back and forth from red to blue and back to red and to blue again...The expanded concept of the purple ocean was created. It is a new terminology that describes when the red ocean (highly competitive markets) merges with the blue ocean (new untouched markets).


The red-blue-purple ocean paradigm might not be a satisfying approach for many conscious business leaders. What we offer is an exercise in helping you move beyond the "red" and "blue" and "purple" ocean paradigm - into the "white ocean". This is what we call the "white ocean plus" strategy & process. It is based on thinking/creating outside the box because there is no proverbial box - once you can perceive it from a higher level of consciousness - beyond the concepts and constraints of any competition, market constraints, and scarcity thinking.


This is where we as a conscious business aim to operate in more over time as we expand our portfolio of products and services into the area of Light Tech industries.

LED Strip Lights

Light Tech Research & Think Tank

Work with us on forward-thinking innovations and inventions in this newly emerging industry. We have been involved in R&D projects, pilot programs, and early-stage technology processes. Our team is very passionate about developing, finding, exploring, and testing Light Tech products that are market-ready. We are also very excited about bringing more awareness for Light Tech products to the greater public. We are currently looking for funding to build virtual and brick-and-mortar platforms (Light Tech parks) that will support those technologies and match them with visionaries, consultants, and builders. So that the most pressing needs, issues, and potential risks that need to be faced will be addressed and mitigated for a brighter future on our planet.

Multicolor Laser Light Art

The Emerging Light Technologies Industry (Light Tech)

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