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Holistic Workplace Makeover

Workplace design is a key driver to boost or undermine workforce productivity, health and wellbeing at work. How does your workforce respond to the work environment, workplace settings or arrangements in your organization? Do you have clearly defined quantitative and qualitative indicators to assess the impact of your workplace design on your workforce? How do you capture and track those -- for the existing workforce and your new hires? 

At KI, we focus on helping our clients create and implement holistic workplace design strategies that are in alignment with the conscious business model and the triple or quadruple bottom-line approach for sustainable prosperity.

We have worked with small business clients and large corporations to develop their sustainability strategy and/or help them with their green business makeover. In all of these projects, workplace design was a critical success factor.

We have the ability to create and conduct holistic workforce assessments and provide workplace design strategies, approaches, and processes to enable our clients to implement a healthy, engaging, and environmentally-responsible workplace for their workforce and other key stakeholders.

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