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Holistic Workforce Productivity

How happy and productive is your workforce? Does your company's vision, mission, and business model support conscious business principles such as workplace happiness and creative productivity? How are your employees relating to your company's vision, mission, and purpose? Furthermore, is happiness, health, and wellbeing of your workforce as important as productivity and the bottom line? Do you have clearly defined quantitative and qualitative indicators of workforce-productivity as well as for happiness and wellbeing in place? How do you capture and track those -- for the existing workforce and your new hires?

We have worked with clients to design a sustainability-based triple bottom line approach for their business by focusing on people, planet, and profit. We have the expertise to create and conduct a holistic workforce productivity assessment for your company. Furthermore, we design holistic workforce productivity strategies and approaches based on our clients' needs.


We integrate our KI productivity triangle with the quadruple bottom line which is an expanded version of the triple bottom line approach: The alignment of people, planet, and profit rooted in a higher purpose/spirituality to create a better future that works for all.

Young People at a Workshop
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