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Organizational Change & Transformation

The Only Constant is Change

Standing still is not an option. Leadership produces change. Often times, well-intended. However, not always well-thought-out. Sounds familiar? Furthermore, how consciously is your company dealing with their organizational change needs, opportunities, and challenges?

Why Do Organizational Change Efforts Fail? 

In our 15-plus years of experience helping companies manage change, we discovered that one of the main reasons why change initiatives fail is poor thinking, lack of preparation, and missing capabilities of change know-how. We were able to observe that most change projects were lacking a well-thought-out change strategy and the change methodology – if at all, was half-baked. Additionally, most change management teams failed to keep their projects within scope, on time, and on budget. 

We offer five change consulting services to help you succeed in reaching your organizational change goals within scope, on time, and on budget. They can be purchased as stand-alone services or as a service bundle based on your specific business needs.

  • Organizational Change Strategy & Approach

  • Organizational Change Readiness

  • Organizational Change Program Planning

  • Building Change Management Capabilities

  • Organizational Transformation

How We Work:

New Change Projects: At KI, we help our clients envision, strategize, design, align, and plan their change efforts - from small-scale initiatives to large-scale, complex, and global business transformations.

In-Flight Projects: We partner with our clients and their key stakeholders, to assess, improve or redesign any in-flight change projects to mitigate risks and bring them back on track for desired outcomes.

Project Completion: We provide our clients with a comprehensive package of project documentation including proven change tools and templates which could be utilized for future change projects.



Organizational Change and Transformation

Business Women Planning

Organizational Change Strategy & Approach

Successful change management starts with a well-designed change management strategy and approach. The change strategy needs to be aligned with key stakeholders and the business strategy to provide a solid foundation for the effective implementation of the change approach.

Brainstorming Session

Organizational Change Readiness

Is your organization prepared for a particular change initiative? To what degree is this the case? Do you have access to relevant quantitative and qualitative data that will drive your change management strategy in the right direction?

Business Team

Organizational Change Program Planning

Organizational change management and project and program management are closely interrelated. Every project includes change.

Every change initiative must be managed as a project to ensure successful implementation. 

Business Conference

Building Change Management Capabilities

Based on the size of your organization and your business model you might want to consider investing in building your own in-house change management capabilities in order to create more value, flexibility, and consistency over time.

Open Office Space

Organizational Transformation

Are you planning and/or implementing a company-wide portfolio of change initiatives? Does this portfolio contain projects of different scales and schedules? Are these change initiatives aligned or in conflict with each other? Does your workforce experience overwhelm, fatigue or even burnout from too many change efforts in various areas of your organization happening around the same time?

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