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Light Tech to the Quantum Collective: Launching the Think Tank Series: New*Earth*Brave*Hearts*4*All

Welcome to our new monthly Think Tank series featuring topics around the New Earth and the Brave Hearts behind this movement. Jonah Bolt and Anita Katzenbach will be the first to discuss the topic: Light Tech to the Quantum Collective. -Find out more about the Quantum movement. How does it support the New Earth? -What is Light Tech? Learn more about the relevance of this emerging industry and its three pillars: Healing Light Tech - Performance Light Tech - Spiritual Light Tech. -Why is Light Tech a key driver for the Quantum movement? -How does Light Tech tie into intentional communities and the Quantum collective as a whole? -How can you join the movement and support a world that sustains life and builds



Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 1 p.m. PST / 1 p.m. MST / 4 p.m. EST



The founder and creator of QUANTUM Collective, Jonah Bolt is a modern day Jedi Master, meaning he passionately respects the planet, the people and profitable enterprise, and believes that organizations have a responsibility to respect the planet and the planets systems of life. He is an accomplished visionary, author, entrepreneur, and corporate executive with more than twenty years’ experience in driving revenue, growth, building world-class teams, enforcing cultures of excellence, strengthening operational effectiveness and increasing profitability. His career spans multiple industries, including renewable energy technologies, open source systems, radio & TV, community building, non profit organizations, industrial hemp, NGO sector, production and management services. Bolt is globally minded and globally well connected, having established offices in Florida, North Carolina, Canada, Costa Rica, Europe, Australia and Asia. He maintains business connections in over 50 countries and his highly positive and contagious energy helps strengthen his natural way working and speaking with anyone openly. Always speaking from his heart, has made him a natural leader and a neuro-net connector for people as well as a powerful activator for many.​


Anita is the founder of the Katzenbach Institute, and a New Earth futurist, visionary, conscious business leader, entrepreneur, management consultant, change agent, and starseed. She has held management consulting, advisory, and leadership positions in various for-profit and non-profit organizations from tech startups to small businesses and Fortune Global 500 companies. Her passion is building the New Earth and creating solutions for our planet’s most pressing challenges by focusing on benevolent technologies (“Light Tech”). Her background includes more than 25 years of international consulting and project management experiences. She has worked on multi-million dollar programs and led complex tech-related change management and process improvement projects. Anita has worked with clients in Automotive, High Tech, Clean Tech & Renewable Energies, Utilities, Consumer Goods, Higher Education, Entertainment, Financial Services, Health Care, Life Sciences, Insurance, Professional Services, and Telecommunications.

To RSVP and for the Zoom link, contact us at or send us an email to


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