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Light Tech Think Tank Event for February 22, 2022

Welcome to our upcoming online-only Light Tech Think Tank:

Light Technologies for the New Earth.

Learn more about the New Earth and the Role of Light Tech - Why is it needed for a Better Future? What are the Tech Lessons Learned from past Greatness in Atlantis and Lemuria? Explore Light Tech in Action and how you can become part of a Movement that works for the Highest Good of All!


2 p.m. PST / 3 p.m. MST / 5 p.m. EST on TUESDAY, February 22nd, 2022.


Anita S. Katzenbach:

Anita is the Founder and CEO of the Katzenbach Institute. She has held management consulting, advisory, and leadership positions in various organizations from early-stage startups to Fortune Global 500 companies. She is passionate about creating conscious businesses and finding solutions for our planet’s most pressing challenges by focusing on benevolent (light) technologies created by starseeds and lightworkers.

Astara Fisher:

Astara, Founder of the Center for Healing Alternatives in Sedona, is a contact point for exploring health and wellness through the new evolutionary technologies of Sound, Light and Vibration. She is also a proponent of Human Tech and the ancient ways of the natural elements, inspired by Jaap Van Etten’s metaphysical ecology. Visit: for more information.

For the Zoom link or to receive the recording, contact us through our CONTACT page or send RSVP to:


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