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Our mission is to co-create a bright future by building conscious businesses through people, processes, and technologies!


The Katzenbach Institute is a conscious business. We care about humanity's impact on our planet, and what we as business leaders need to do to shift the collective towards higher levels of consciousness for a bright future.


A bright future is about creating a world that works for all of creation. It supports health, wellbeing, creativity, balance, abundance, prosperity, and the use of benevolent technologies as well as products and services that do no harm.


We believe that this bright future can be realized by conscious business products and practices such as improving work and living conditions, maximizing human potential, and creating a healthy environment. With this purpose in mind, we provide consulting, facilitation, training, and research services for key decision makers from tech start-ups to mid-sized businesses and Fortune 100 companies.

In 2020, we pivoted our business and signed the Conscious Business Declaration because it “calls for a radical shift in perspective for businesses globally, one that is already shared by humanity’s leading spiritual traditions and validated by modern science.” It is the understanding that we are one with humanity and all of life. ​


It is time for more businesses to adopt a conscious business model and step up as leaders to jointly create a bright future. Connect with us and let's find out how we can support your organizational change programs, help maximize your human potential, make you more future ready and cybersafe. We are also deeply involved in the area of transformative technologies by supporting businesses within the emerging Light Tech industry.



Conscious businesses require new ways of working and higher levels of leadership maturity. Human potential and wellbeing are key building blocks in this new paradigm. What are you doing to develop conscious leaders and a conscious workforce in your organization? Does your onsite workplace design and your remote workplace policies support productivity, health, and wellbeing? Even more so in times of the pandemic and post-pandemic? How can you unlock and maximize the human potential of each and everyone in your organization for the benefit of all? Let us work together and support your business leaders and teams to get to the next level of organizational performance, workplace happiness, and creative productivity.


Change is the only constant. And disruptive change such as the pandemic has become the "new normal"! Standing still is not an option. Leadership keeps creating ongoing changes by trying to control, to manage, to catch up, and to cope with what is coming. Oftentimes, well-intended. However, not always well-thought-out. As a collective we are shifting into uncharted territories with increasing complex scenarios to deal with. From our work and personal experiences, we came to realize that higher levels of consciousness support higher levels of decision-making when it comes to navigating changes when stakes are high. Find out how we can help you envision, strategize, prepare, plan, and navigate your change initiatives from small to large-scale programs even on a global level.



Can you envision the future timeline that you truly need as business to evolve? Even more so in times of disruptive changes, such as the COVID19 pandemic? Is this timeline geared towards a world that works for all? Does your strategy and business model embody a conscious business orientation? Are they based on sustainable growth and responsible innovation? What are the key strategic and tactical initiatives that will allow your organization to prepare and create a bright future? Let us help you identify, strategize, and initiate conscious business practices, products & services that are aligned with your conscious business model for a bright future.



Light Tech is an emerging industry. Light Tech is the building of energetic based technology in all formats, utilizing light and sound vibration engineering and built in Quantum Physics and Physics, based on the principles of Tesla and Einstein. The goal is to raise the vibration and frequency of individuals to higher states of consciousness and to promote health and wellbeing for humanity, our planet Gaia, and all of creation.

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